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About Syro IT Solutions

Syro IT Solutions offer our corporate clients the best possible IT solutions to meet their current and future needs. We are a solution provider in the sense that we will strive to create a complete IT solution that meets each individual customer's unique needs.

We believe in creating lasting partnerships with our customers based on trust and commitment to excellence. We firmly believe that if our customer has the right IT infrastructure for their business they will be successful, and through the partnership, so will we grow with their business.

We offer quality hardware solutions; both desktop and servers configured for each individual customer onsite with an optional monthly maintenance agreement. We can provide network infrastructure installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting (both cable and wireless). Installation and maintenance of internet and e-mail facilities with any Internet Service Provider you choose (broadband and analogue).

On the software side we support the entire Microsoft server, desktop and application product range. We also offer custom Linux e-mail / web servers for the smaller business looking for this option as a more cost effective start up.

We offer custom application development as well using a SQL database backend, with an easy to use web based front end. We can offer additional development both internally or via one of our many partner companies as well.

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